Now you realy want to know about me…

should I tell you or not?… that is the question!

To raise my voice against sea of questions you might have…


let myself surrender to thy love?

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh… I guezz love has no bounderies. So let it lead thy way!

So I, CAPital was born in the CAPital of Thamizh Eelam [where?… you figure it out!]; I was born on a time that has double fours and a digit, which is created by Indians, in a 24 hour clock.

I like the colour of Communist.

I moved to the MULTICULTURAL country. Went to high school there in its LARGEST city! I studied in the UNIversity of its CAPital city! [Did you get all that?! – doubt that]

Now you want to know about my parents too? Guezz you are fed-up with this ha?! 0key I won’t tell! ah… love makes u crazy… [ur love]

My father was a Building Forman, but his dream was to raise us to be ENGineers. We are “பஞ்ச நாயன்மார்கள்”. My “elder bro” is a Civil Engineer. Another bro is an Electrical Engineer. & I am a Computer Engineer! I’m currently in the province of the minority in the MULTICULTURAL country. The area I live is where many Tamils have bought houses in this province [among them, my bro is one too]. I work in the company where it has a strong portfolio of third-generation (3G) wireless equipment. But the work I DO is no where near to it!

Now… all the பஞ்ச நாயன்மார்கள ்live in the MULTICULTURAL country! Living sound & safe!

Is this enuff [enough?]

OH… YOU ALL WANT TO KNOW ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE [IF ANY!]… well… I think you all bored already… you don’t want to hear right?… [damn no!] Well… love is precisious. So.. gimme a call to my cell. I’ll talk LOVE with

you… [if you are a guy – SORRY 🙁 ]


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