Jun 28 2006

ASP [VB] bugs

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If <%inline script%> used[Server.CreateObject], the connection object is created right away, while if <object> tag is inserted

<object ….
works, the object created by the <object> tag doesn’t get created until there is a use

if the object created using <object is a recordSet, then it is never created until
recordSet.Execute.. or similar happens

if the object is created using Server.CreateObject inside a SUB or FUNCTION, then that object is never created until that SUB or FUNCTION is called.


<script language=”VBScript” runat=”server”>
tag wouldn’t execute unless it is explicitely called, as a FUNCTION or SUB


If you Request.QueryString() a non-defined variable VBS automatically creates the variable and hence
IsEmpty() -> TRUE and IsNull() -> FALSE!


If you Trim(Request.QueryString()) a non-defined variable, then VBS automatically creates it. Hence
IsEmpty() -> FALSE and
IsNull() -> FALSE


If you Request.Form(“”) a non-defined variable, then VBS outputs
IsEmpty() -> FALSE
IsNull() -> FALSE

If Trim(Request.Form(“”)) a non-defined variable then
IsEmpty() -> FALSE
IsNull() -> FALSE


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